Ekokem Oyj

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    Ekokem Oyj

    Kuulojankatu 1


    +358 10 7551711

    Raw materials and solutions for material circulation for the plastics industry Ekokem has given strong input into serving the plastics industry and the development of plastic recycling. From 2016 Ekokem's Plastics Refinery will handle different types of plastic films, hard packaging plastics, and agricultural plastics. The recycled plastic supplied by Ekokem is of uniform quality and its characteristics can be tailored to the needs of our plastics industry customers. Certified production and traceability, as well as constant product development make Ekokem a strong partner. Taking control of all material flows Customer-specific planning and solutions in environmental management bring efficiency into the processes of the plastics industry. We want to be pioneers in developing a circular economy society in which valuable materials circulate as much as possible. We also offer a competitive route for the recycling of clean plastics: surplus plastic from production is crushed and granulated after which it is returned to the customer. Ekokem plans and produces service wholes for environmental management and material efficiency. Nearly all waste is utilised primarily as material and secondarily as energy. Ekokem deals with collecting and processing hazardous waste, such as printing inks. Familiarity with environmental requirements and reporting systems are among our strengths. Increasing material and resource efficiency improves the environmental friendliness and sustainable profitability of the activity while creating savings. Ekokem as a supplier of recycled plastic raw material: High quality recycled plastic of even quality which allows customers to improve their cost-effectiveness. A strength is the ability to reliably deliver amounts required by industrial processes. A partner that aims far in product development. As a partner of environmental management and material efficiency Ekokem: Classifies, sorts, packs, transports, trains, and deals with waste processing in a responsible manner. Analyses, optimises, and separates recyclable materials from flows, sending them to be re-used or recycled. Takes part in the development and construction processes of the environment, for instance, by cleaning waterways and contaminated soil, and by setting up landfills. Implements both local service and logistics wholes, as well as international networks for handling.



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